New Moon in Capricorn

January 17, 2018

White Sands, Black Beach | California USA

April 3, 2016

LA RUTA DE MAYA | Guatemala

April 3, 2016

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New Moon in Capricorn

January 17, 2018

Lunar Alert: New Moon in Capricorn - The Forgotten One's Moon


"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." 
- Henry David Thoreau 

This moon, as all Capricorn moons can be challenging. Not so in the flow with the emotional nature of the moon, the Saturn ruled sign is not known for it's flowing open-hearted sense of being. 

Hence the opening of this lunar cycle begins with the archetype of the Forgotten One. 

Think of that child that gets ignored, overlooked and dismissed for being less than relevant in the grand scheme of things. 

If you don't know anyone who fits this bill, you simply have to look at all of humanity. The sense of being thrown on this "small", limited in resources planet, swirling at impossible to imagine speeds, through this big bad universe, is something all of us have felt one point. 

Humanity at large has been the Forgotten One, with no real skills beyond the painful hustle to make it, while the god's withhold their grace and wisdom from the lofty tops of Mount Olympus. 

"The fact of haven been born is a bad augury for immortality."
- George Santayana 

F*ck dat! 

Let's just squash that rubbish storyline WE POWERFUL CREATORS HAVE PROPAGATED over eons of fearing the unlimited potential of the darkness.

We have sold ourselves short, by using the limited perspectives of our 5 senses, cut down to minimal size, and in the mighty I AM PRESENCE of our divine free-will, we proved ourselves right. 

A self-fullfilling prophesy of doom, poverty and illness is just that, a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. One that only a veritable magician can cast, sadly unto him/herself.



Capricorn is the hustling pioneering spirit, the adept mountain climber who moves up the impossible incline. 

Wünderbar, kudos on that kid! 

Problems with this Saturnian energy is when it is used to prove itself with black magic spells like:

"I do so and so to make a living."

"One must prove their worth."

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

All of that is mind f*ckery madness to prove themselves to a Divine Big Daddy in the Sky. This has led to millennia of slavery, drudgery, manipulation, war and cruelty.

In this YEAR of self mastery 11, we are called up and out of our illusions, one perfectly imperfect human and after another, to marry our beautiful heart-achingly vulnerable, luscious and sensual humanity to our DIVINITY.

Then we can truly see that the only person who forgot about us is US.

What would you be like if you looked upon the darkness of life as creative potential... 

If you knew that all problems were opportunities to flex dem creative muscles...

If you recognized that the CREATRIX GOD ESSENCE that made all this (think planets, galaxies, universes...) was within you??????????????????

Honey booboo, do you know WHO & WHAT you are? 

You are the one who can not be named, so no wonder your confusion.

You were not brought here to work for your living. You were born, for $FREE.99; a universe unto yourself to express your vision and work to build the ever expanding continuum of eternity. 

Your work, your service, your life is a vessel for genius to pour forth.



This new moon, in the silent darkness of the womb, please listen until you hear your heart beating as one with the heart of all being. Let eternal life, sing arias of Hallelujah to you, gracing existence with your every exhale. 

*please note: you never have to work to make the next packet of air to inhale. HINT HINT HINT*

This new moon, is a time of diving deep into quietude wombman. 


Repeat after me:
"In silence I find grace; in silence I find grace; in silence I find grace."

Oh and wisdom, and connection, and love, and ideas, and guidance...

Capricorn is the sign of mastery. At it's peak, it's hustle is Godly. It's the persistence to find one's connection to God-given power shrouded in the mountain of soft warm flesh.

At it's lowest it's hustle is petty and small, skulking about in the tomb of everlasting death; 

stuck at entry level zero; 

wide-eyed and resentful at the meagre workings of 'success' scratched away at painfully by others who have barely uncovered the brilliance of their power.

WAKE-UP damnit! We are beautiful and magnificent. 

But for now, in the dark night of the moon, may your soul be fed dreams of your majesty. 

You can be virtuosos of this life. 

God/dess is calling you, He/She says,

"Come to the mirror my Love, then look upon Me in your reflection and smile."

Alright, I can go on all day. Inside me is a song that yearns to unfold you from your bindings and whisper your magic to you. But I must do this for me too. 

I teach what I most need to learn. We are all in this together. I'm just fed-up of this crap and ready to be of humble service. 








In the meantime, use this new moon to slow it down and receive inspiration, the breath of spirit's life. Give the fairies of the universe your crowns to spit shine to perfection.

I know you think you know what you want, but submit your mind's demands to the altar of the Divine, and let your desires be moulded into the universe's command.

We are getting ready to be ready to rock this life.


- Miss Lady Andi out, with reverent respect to you all Empresses!



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